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Tennis Games

Grand Slam Tennis 2

The first thing that you notice when you start playing Grand Slam Tennis 2 is that EA sports got rid of all of childish elements that Grand Slam Tennis used to offer and concentrated them self on making the Grand Slam Tennis 2 as real as possible. No more funny looking players and cartoon style graphics, this time you get everything from detailed faces to the brands of clothing lines that the players wear. Not only did EA sports get the look of the players right but the characters of the players are spot on, every player that you come across will surprise you by his or her different style of play.

All new Total Racquet Control does take some time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it you will find that it gives you a pretty good control over the player's racket and the sense of where the ball might end up after you strike it. To learn how to use the controls, there is a Training Academy that takes you step by step trough every possible striking scenario. It would be fun if only there wasn't none other than legendary John McEnroe to insult you with every move you make. Later, when you finish the Training Academy and start playing matches you will find that John McEnroe and Pat Cash are very repetitive in their commentary to the point of being very annoying.

As soon as you start playing you will find that the game is fairly easy and you will probably want to go into settings and notch the difficulty up. Career mode in Grand Slam Tennis 2 is pretty great, it's filled with different challenges, exhibition matches and of course, you can download your face on to a player and create a player that looks like you. To sum things up; Grand Slam Tennis 2 is probably everything you could ask from a tennis video game, sure, it has it's downfalls with commentary, but everything else seems really great. It's stunning to play and you get the feeling of playing the real deal without breaking a sweat.

Game score: 8.5/10    Available for:PlayStation 3Xbox 360
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Tennis Games

Play tennis games online with the world's best players, or enjoy a fun game of badminton. Practice serve and volley tactics or stay back and hit ground strokes. Tennis is a sport where footwork and balance play a key role in the players' ability to play well. Most casual tennis players have a weak backhand and second serve and rarely play on the net. Practice your tennis skills as you play tennis online like a real tennis pro!

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