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Soccer Games


EA sports has outdone it self once again with the new FIFA 15 game. The improvements compared to the older versions are more than subtle. This time the developers concentrated themselves more on the feel of the game, giving every single player in the game more life like emotions and their own unique character. For instance, if you keep missing the goal, your player and the every other player on your team might get frustrated, while players on the other team might get encouraged to play better. Similar to what might happen in real life. And the fun doesn`t stop there. If your player gets tackled more than once (or your player tackles the player of the opposite team), confrontation between the two players might occur, sometimes forcing the other players in the game to intervene.

Everything in the game feels more alive, from the public in the stands to the substitute players siting on the bench react to what is happening in the game. The developers of the game concerned themselves with even the subtle details. You might see the camera man running down the side line getting ready to shoot a corner kick, and then find out that the view really changes to his perspective. During the game your players, and the players of the opposite team will even get dirty depending on the style of playing, even the playing field will wear down as the macth approaches the end of the game. The graphics are truly astonishing, the detail that put in the faces of players is something to admire, any true football fan will have no problem distinguishing the players from each other.

Controls are very responsive, making the movement of the players quicker, giving you better dribblers and better accuracy making everything more alive and the game itself feel more like watching a real soccer mach then just sitting at home and playing a video game. The goalkeepers do an amazing job in keeping you from scoring goals, so don`t expect any easy passes. You will really have to work to earn points and win every mach. Overall FIFA 15 is a massive improvement and the living proof that even if you consider yourself not to be a big soccer fan you can still have fun and appreciate this game.

Game score: 8.3/10    Available for:PlayStation 3PlayStation 4Xbox 360Xbox OneNintendo 3DSMS WindowsWii
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Soccer Games

Play soccer games online and enjoy the thrill and excitement of the most popular sport in the world! Known as soccer, only in America, the rest of the world calls it football. The biggest soccer event, World Cup, is played every four years, gathering the qualified country soccer teams from all over the world to play in a tournament.

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