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Football Games

Madden NFL

Madden NFL 15 is the ultimate football game available on PlayStation and Xbox. Previous Madden games suffered from mediocre graphics, lacklustre presentation and suspect defensive gameplay. EA Sports attempted to address these concerns with more detailed player models, revamp presentation and several changes with defensive and secondary play. The end result is a more enjoyable experience than previous Madden titles. One of the biggest problems with previous Madden games is how much the game favored the offensive plays. But that has all changed. In this Madden release, users can choose can choose to make aggressive or conservative tackles with push of a button and an optional tackle cone has been added as a guide. Users have the option to switch the defensive camera view. These changes make playing in the defense fun and engaging.

As far as graphics, glitches are minimal and animations are more varied with cleaner game tackles, new catches and different interactions between linesmen, wide receivers and defensive backs. Also included are a slick TV graphics like package complete with ad spots following breaks in the action. Pre game intros include stats of the top players, cut scenes, and player highlights. TV style camera angles are sprinkled throughout the game. Different stat lines appear as the game progresses, and there is a legitimate half time show with first half highlights and stats! TV style replays have also been added as Phil Simms and Jim Nantz return to the booth this year with in game specific commentary. Madden NFL 15 introduces several other improvements in graphics compared to its predecessors. Player models have more realistic faces, jerseys, bodies and helmets. However, the faces of less popular players are more generic.

Lighting in the game portrays a realistic feel of weather conditions, whether it's clear, skies, rain or snow. Stadiums are a representation of their real counterparts with team specific jumbotron graphics and on field grasp is as realistic as ever. Overall, Madden NFL 15, is an improved game compared to last years' title. Other new features, include the game prep in CFM which allows you to train players and boost confidence and the ability to relocate a team on demand. Other play modes, like skills trainer, Madden moments, and online play, are also available.

Game score: 8.7/10    Available for:PlayStation 3PlayStation 4Xbox 360Xbox One

NCAA Football

NCAA Football 14 represents the greatest yearly evolution as EA's final effort on generation three platforms. Can this game give the fans a simulation experience that is worthy of being the only college game on the market? The game still plays similarly to its predecessors but, if one looks closer, it's not hard to find significant improvements. The new and improved infinity engine 2 physics system creates a whole new gameplay experience, with new collisions, catches and dives. This is the first engine that allows physics to determine the events on the field. You will see linemen make huge blocks and collapse the pocket in a more realistic manner, as not seen in past titles. The running game more realistically mimics the real life and makes running the ball more fun. New moves have also been added, slight tweaks to tackling with the hit stick, ball hog mechanic, and a new acceleration boost mechanic. Abusing these moves can result in player fatigue, which is represented on a meter below your player. Over thirty new option types have been added this year, for example, allowing the user to specify who to watch for on the defensive play.

Graphics in NCAA Football 14 are as smooth as they have ever been. Uniforms are detailed, player models are accurate, stadiums are realistic and weather conditions affect the play as they do in the real world. Song and player chatter, new stat overlays and a half time show are an awesome addition to the game. However, crowds and players on the sideline lack detail as they always have and in game commentary is much as it was before with moments of dead air and odd replays during key moments of the game. Five hundred new vignettes have been added and you will still see some of the same annoying cut scenes from past games. On the plus side, the addition of wide zoom and coordinator cameras have significantly improved the presentation, with zoom that gives you the ability to see visual details you would normally miss using the standard camera.

Dynasty mode receives a face lift this year with coach skills and tweaks to the recruiting process. The users have the ability to power up various coaching abilities, using points earned through in game performances. Ultimate team is a new feature with ability to build a team of college greats from scratch. Bo Jackson is a playable character for the first time. Other features are much the same as they have been in previous versions.

Game score: 8.7/10    Available for:PlayStation 3Xbox 360
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American football is a unique sport and the most popular in the USA. It originated from rugby football in the late 19th century, and, as the rules changed over the years, it became the game that we know today. The essence of the game are its tactical strategies and rough plays, and that's what makes the game so fun to watch and play. Football games online portray the game in its simplest form, including various evade strategies, the quarterback sacking techniques, and touchdown plays. Enjoy the excitement of competition as you pick a strategic formation, call the play, score a touchdown, kick a field goal, or defend your endzone.

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