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WWE 2K15 finally arrived, no matter if you are a wrestling fan or a gamer, this game should definitely get your attention. Compared to its predecessor WWE 2K15 offers improvements not just in the graphics, but in the game it self. The superstar entrances have been designed to the absolute perfection, giving you the feeling of watching the mach on the TV and not just playing a video game. With the proprietary facial and body scanning technology WWE 2K15 has been able to deliver you the most realistic WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends so far. A new mode has been added, which for the first time ever gives you the opportunity to take your custom superstar and build their carrier, starting in NXT and making your way up to the RAW.

Unfortunately the option of building your own special moves, story designer and the option of building custom arenas have been removed so the WWE 2K15 does come with some downsides which die hard WWE 2K14 fans might find quite frustrating. In the lower part of the screen there is now a health and stamina meter that shows you the overall stamina power of player. So if you spend a lot of energy in the mach, until you regroup yourself and let your wrestler rest for while, you won't be able to pull of certain power moves since there simply won't be enough energy. At times you might find that irritating but we believe that it is a nice touch since it gives the game a real life scenario feel.

Sound in the WWE 2K15 has definitely been improved bringing you the new more realistic crowd chants and voice overs from the superstars themselves. The brand new chain wrestling system has been added to the game which is another big difference compared to its predecessor. It forces you to build momentum of the mach and not just start the mach dominating with your power moves, which in case you are a fan of the WWE 2K14 is definitely something that take some getting used to. Now, for the overall picture of the WWE 2K15, if you are expecting huge improvements in the game; you might be a little disappointed, but with improvements or not WWE 2K15 is still a fun game to play and a nice addition to your game collection.

Game score: 7.0/10    Available for:PlayStation 3PlayStation 4Xbox 360Xbox One
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