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Basketball Games


The first thing that you notice when you start playing NBA 2K15 is how detailed the game has been designed. The graphics are truly astonishing, with everything running at 60 frames per second and animations of players in the game being so lifelike, the NBA 2K15 feels more like watching a game then playing one. From players arguing and complaining about referees' decisions to sweat on their bodies increasing as the game approaches the end of the mach. Slow motion camera shots are forced one every possible occasion, and they should be since they are so good they give you goosebumps.

As for the long game loading parts, even they aren't the problem in NBA 2K15, since now you got Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O'Neal in the studio making surprisingly realistic commentary of the game. Another great addition to the NBA 2K15 is the shoot meter wich shows you exactly how much force you use to throw the ball. It makes things a lot less frustrating now that you have the full control of the player's shot and there is no need to guess where the ball might end up. With new and improved defense tactics, don't expect any easy passes, these guys are faster and more aggressive than ever.

The new MyCareer mode has been improved significantly. This time the story is based on your player not being drafted and having to earn his way to the rooster which is completely different from NBA 2K14 where your player was the top pick. There are only a few downsides to the NBA 2K15, for instance; creating a player using a PlayStation Camera or Xbox One with your face, will quite frankly create a monster. Also the 2K crew has destroyed some online modes. The biggest oversight probably is when you notice that Steve Kerr who is now the Head Coach for the Golden State Warriors is also the commentary in the game. All the glitches aside, it's a great and fun game that we highly recommend to any gamer and anyone who considers himself a basketball fan.

Game score: 7.8/10    Available for:PlayStation 3PlayStation 4Xbox 360Xbox OneMS Windows
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Basketball Games

Basketball is a sport with over one hundred years of history. It was first played with brown balls on smaller courts and without a backboard. Backboards were added so that the audience would not interfere with rebounded balls, and the ball color was changed to orange so that it is easier to view. Basketball games online mostly don't simulate a real game. Rather the games are mostly basketball horse games or 2 on 2 basketballs with street rules. Super NBA basketball is the only browser game as of date where the player controls five basketball players and plays according to the real rules of the game. Enjoy exciting slam dunks as you play Hoop Troop and College Slam.

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